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How can I create a new project team?
Giuliana Sacchetti


I’m trying to create a new project team, how can I do?


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    To create a new package, in the Projects selection window, select the project for which you wish to add a package. 

    In the Project working window, click NEW PACKAGE in the Packages section. A new package will be generated automatically. 

    Next, you need to create one or more orders. To create an order, in the Package working window, click EDIT ORDERS

    An option to create a new order will be shown on the left. 

    Click NEW ORDER. In the New order dialog, select a company from the dropdown list, enter an order number, and click SAVE

    To exit this dialog without saving your changes, click CLOSE

    To add details to this order, for example to connect people or change the order number, click Edit at the bottom of the Order window.