NotifyMe Help Communities Overview

The NotifyMe Help Communities are a place for NotifyMe users to ask questions or provide feedback about NotifyMe products and services, discuss products and services with other NotifyMe users and enthusiasts, provide tips for using NotifyMe products and services to the community, get help from other users and NotifyMe enthusiasts on all of the above.

How to participate in the forum

  • Create topics and posts related to the specific NotifyMe product that is the focus of that forum. To discuss another NotifyMe product, you can visit that product’s forum.
  • Create posts that are related to the question or discussion to which you’re responding. Use “Search” to find questions or discussions that are related to your interests. If you are unable to find a related topic, start a new one by clicking New Topic.
  • Create clear and concise topic subjects and posts. Subjects should not be in all capital letters. Include only important URLs. Posts with excessive / unrelated URLs will be removed.
  • Do not include personal information. To ensure your safety, security, and privacy, never post your email address or any personal information you don’t want to share. NotifyMe representatives won’t ask for your password. Be cautious if you choose to contact others offline or ask others to contact you.
  • Be respectful of others’ opinions. When disagreeing on an issue, stay polite and assume good intent.

Cautions and Forum Participation Agreement

  • By participating in these forums, you agree to abide by the Support Forums Content Policy. Breaking these guidelines might result in your post being removed. Severe abuses might lead to harsher penalties including warning or removal of access to NotifyMe Support Community Forums.
  • If you believe that someone is violating these posting guidelines, flag their post or thread for review: Click More Report Abuse.

Please read the NotifyMe Terms of Service for more information. We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any point in our effort to keep the forum helpful, user-friendly, and safe.